About Infinity College

Infinity College

Infinity College is an English medium, co-educational school based in the heart of Bryanston, Johannesburg. We strive to nurture our pupils with a love for learning. Each pupil is regarded as a unique individual and we strive to develop his or her potential to the fullest. Our pupils are stimulated to regard learning as a lifelong pursuit.

As a school, our aim is to provide our pupils with the necessary skills and personal qualities needed to reach their full potential. The development of self-confidence and self-esteem is of crucial importance.

We believe that our pupils need to be extended and challenged to expand and to grow as individuals. Our pupils are taught to think creatively and critically, to analyse and explore situations, to arrive at informed opinions and to continually expand their own horizons. Pupils are challenged to fulfil their academic potential. We have a passionate team of teachers who believe in the potential of every pupil. The teachers are trained and committed to an enriched, holistic and child-focused education. High moral standards prevail through encouragement of integrity, mutual respect, honesty, trust and self-discipline.

School Vision

To create an environment in which our pupils can be supported and encouraged into reaching their full potential.

To work together as a family to ensure that all our pupils feel supported both academically and emotionally. We will strive to equip our pupils for a challenging future. We believe that communication and positive involvement between the teachers and the parents is imperative to ensure that the focus always remains on what is beneficial for the child.

Little Creations and Infinity College is an Independent School registered with the Department of Basic Education (DBE). The DBE deals with all schools from Grade R (0) to Grade 12 and oversees primary and secondary education in South Africa.

Extra Murals

At Infinity College Bryanston, we believe in an all rounded College for our students by reaching out to their interests. We offer a variety of extra murals such as:

P.E, Speech & Drama, Karate, Dance Mouse, Cricket, Swimming, Playball and Piano just to name a few. For more information regarding our exciting and affordable extra murals, contact Infinity College Bryanston.

School Hours

School hours are Monday to Friday 07.30am to 13.30pm. We have an aftercare/supervised homework from 14.30pm to 17.00pm (Mondays to Fridays)

We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

School Hours

After graduating from R.A.U and teaching high school and matric children for seventeen years both in South Africa and abroad. Melina Primikirios knows just how important a good foundation is for the future of a child and his or her ability to achieve the skills needed for their chosen career, life style and happiness.

With this in mind, Melina now owns and runs Little Creations Nursery School and Infinity College putting her beliefs, strengths and passion into practice every day. Leading and guiding her team of teachers to help mould the minds of all the children at Little Creations and Infinity College through play and technique.

Melina, not only as a teacher but as a mom has always found watching children blossom and reach their potential to fulfill their dreams and aspirations at any age the most rewarding part of her career and life.